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The Metropolitan Opera opened their season to a production of Gaetano Donizetti’s “Anna Bolena” on Monday night with Anna Netrebko playing the lead role. Shining and embracing the diva inside her, the opera concluded with a captivated and cheering audience.

MET ann bolena anna netrebko 235x240 custom Bravo! Anna Netrebko Opens the Met to Praises for “Anna Bolena” OperaThis marks the 128th season for the Metropolitan Opera House and Netrebko welcomes this role after years of developing her voice, range and presence. After recently getting married and having children, Netrebko came to realize that the opera is as integral to her life as her family.

Rising to the call of her talent, she is now showcasing this renowned opera that dates back to 1830. This is her first opening night with the company. The Russian soprano proved to everyone that she has what it takes on Monday evening.

To rave reviews Netrebko starts off the season on a great note for The Met:

“So she can melt our hearts one moment with a soft high C of great delicacy, then pin us to backs of our seats the next with a ferocious outburst of notes cascading over more than an octave,” wrote Mike Silverman for the Associated Press.

For the opera enthusiasts out there, “Anna Bolena” is directed by David McVicar, conducted by Marco Armiliato, production by David McVicar, set by Robert Jones and costumes by Jenny Tirmani.

AnnaNetrebko 300x300 Bravo! Anna Netrebko Opens the Met to Praises for “Anna Bolena” OperaAbout Anna Netrebko

  • Anna Netrebko recently celebrated her 40th birthday on September 18.
  • Born and raised in Russia, Netrebko studied at the St. Petersburg conservatoire where she met her mentor, Valery Gergiev.
  • Netrebko made her American debut at 24 in a production of Glinka’s “Ruslan and Lyudmila.”
  • The diva was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in 2004.
  • Her nickname is “La Bellissima.”
  • She was married in 2008 to her fiancé Erwin Schrott; they welcomed their first son, Tiago later that year.

Netrebko performed this for the first time in April at the Vienna State Opera to a sold-out premiere. She has been criticized in the past for your coloratura, an operatic style of singing with wide leaps, ranges of voice and leaps in notes. But these criticisms have been brushed aside, as it seems it is this charismatic style that makes her role as Anna Bolena shine.

Anna Netrebko’s made her Metropolitan Opera debut in 2002 to a production of “War and Peace.” And after her role as Anna, there is no doubt that general manager Peter Gelb intends for her to stay.

On the outdoor balcony of Lincoln Center, the “Anna Bolena” cast gives a final bow before curtains close.

Performances will go through the 2011-2012 season, to experience the talent of Anna Netrebko, purchase your tickets for seats at the Met today. Don’t miss one of the most acclaimed opera divas of our century!