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Posted: 7th September 2011 by Dynamic Tickets Admin in Dynamic Tickets
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The fields are manicured, the wings sauced, the beer on ice. The excitement is palpable: the NFL season starts tomorrow. And today, on this holy eve, Dynamic Tickets brings you our division-by-division 2011 NFL Season Preview.

NFL Dynamic Tickets NFL Season Preview

AFC East
As it did last year, the AFC East will feature two of the best teams in the NFL in 2011, the Patriots and the Jets. The Pats can never be counted out as long as Bill Belicheck is coach and Tom Brady is under center, but this year, it’s the Jets’ turn to finish in first. Mark Sanchez will make the next step, Darelle Revis will continue to dominate, and Plaxico Burress will be a factor. As usual, Dolphins and Bills, sorry, and better luck next year. Winner: Jets, 13-3.

AFC North
Another division stacked at the top and weak at the bottom. Mike Tomlin’s Steelers are as safe a bet as any to win in double digits year-in and year-out. Joe Flacco’s Ravens are right behind them. Each team was 12-4 last year; this year, thanks to the power and elusiveness of Ray Rice and a fearless defense, the Ravens will finish one game ahead of Pittsburgh (matchup to watch: Pittsburgh at Baltimore, week one). Cincinnati and Cleveland will be two of the worst teams in the NFL. Winner: Ravens, 13-3.

AFC South
The AFC South is a much less predictable division than the prior two, with a lot of offseason turmoil at quarterback. The Titans drafted Jake Locker, but signed Matt Hasslebeck to be this year’s starter. The Jaguars just yesterday cut presumed started David Garrard. And the Colts, normally the favorite in the division, will be without Peyton Manning for at least the first week of the season. How long will he be out for? That’s anyone’s guess, and without Manning, the Colts are nothing. The Texans, featuring last year’s top NFL running back Arian Foster and an improved defense, will sneak by to take the division this year. Winner: Texans, 10-6.

AFC West
Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs came out of nowhere to win the division behind dynamic running back Jamaal Charles. Charles will be back, but the Chiefs will not return to the division throne. That honor will fall to the San Diego Chargers, a perennial regular-season powerhouse beset by injury last year. Phillip Rivers is a top-five NFL quarterback, and Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates provide two dynamic receiving options. The Raiders will be improved; the Broncos will not. Winner: Chargers, 12-4.

AFC Wildcards
This one is easy: the two best teams not to finish in first will be the Patriots and the Steelers. It is virtually impossible to see either of these teams being left out of the playoffs. What does this mean? The Colts miss the playoffs for the first time since 2001.

NFC East
The NFC East features this offseason’s darlings, the Philadelphia Eagles. With Nnamdi Asomugha and Steve Smith complimenting an already talented squad that features Mike Vick, LeSean McCoy, and DeSean Jackson, the Birds will be tough to stop. Not that the rest of the division won’t try: Dallas is healthy and Wade Phillips-free, and the Giants, despite a preseason injury rate that makes one wonder if Jerry Jones has found the world’s first true voodoo doll, still have quite a strong rushing attack. Still, it won’t be enough. Philly will take the division. Let’s not even get into Washington. Winner: Eagles, 13-3.

NFC North
Last year, the Chicago Bears came out of nowhere to win the division, but the Packers got hot in the playoffs and won the Super Bowl. This year, it won’t take the Packers that long. Led by MVP Aaron Rodgers, the Pack will cruise to the division title. The Lions, featuring an insane defensive front of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley, will be much improved as long as QB Matt Stafford can stay healthy. The Vikings and Bears will be .500 teams as well, which makes the NFC North perhaps the best division in the NFL. Winner: Packers, 14-2.

NFC South
Last year, the NFC South had two great teams, a good team, and an atrocious one. This year, expect a very similar outcome. The Saints, under coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees, are always electric. The Buccaneers play hard for Josh Freeman. The Falcons are the best of the bunch; Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Roddy White make a three-headed offensive monster, and Julio Jones figures to be a factor as well. The Panthers will remain abysmal. Winner: Falcons, 12-4.

NFC West
Lastly, we arrive at the NFC West, last year’s unquestionable winner of the “worst division award” and a contender for the all-time version as well. The Seahawks, last year’s division winner at 7-9(!), now feature the inept Tarvaris Jackson as starting quarterback. The 49ers aren’t much better off; in a mind-boggling move this offseason, they resigned 1st overall bust Alex Smith. Despite talent around the rest of the team like LB Patrick Willis and TE Vernon Davis, the team just cannot win with Smith. The Cardinals are terrible on defense, but will be competitive thanks to Kevin Kolb and stud WR Larry Fitzgerald. But the Rams, featuring a rejuvenated Steven Jackson, a blossoming Sam Bradford, and an improved defense and receiving corps, will take the division (by default, that is). Winner: Rams, 9-7.

NFC Wildcards
The Saints are a safe pick for one wildcard spot; Drew Brees is too good to miss the playoffs at this point in his career. After that, though, it gets tougher. The Cowboys, Giants, Lions, and Bucs will all fight down to the wire for the last spot. Ultimately, the Lions will take it, as long as Stafford is healthy. Their 4-0 preseason shows they mean business, and Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Jahvid Best, and the bash brothers on the defensive line should will them to the playoffs.

1st Round:
Steelers over Chargers, Patriots over Texans, Lions over Falcons, Saints over Rams
2nd Round:
Jets over Steelers, Ravens over Patriots, Packers over Lions, Saints over Eagles
3rd Round:
Jets over Ravens, Packers over Saints
Super Bowl:
Jets over Saints

You heard it here first: the Jets, after losing in the AFC Championship Game two years in a row, will not only make it to the Super Bowl, but they’ll win it too.

What do you think about the upcoming NFL season? Who’s your pick to win it all? Leave your comments below. And remember, Dynamic Tickets has tickets to every single game of the season. Go support your favorite team and get your tickets from Dynamic!