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the notebook kiss 300x300 Girls across America Swoon as The Notebook Comes to BroadwayNicholas Sparks revealed to CBS that his book turned movie, “The Notebook,” is soon to become a book turned movie turned Broadway musical.

The highly successful romantic novel turned to life on the silver screen with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in the lead roles. The movie which had a production budget of $29 million grossed over $81 million domestically.

Many of the romance novels written by Nicholas Sparks make for the perfect dramas. Sparks has published 16 novels to date and because his stories often follow the themes of love, death and cancer—such emotional and deep stories have found a real following with many avid and dedicated readers.

The author has sold over 90 million books globally in over 45 different languages.

When asked about the process of making his characters into on-screen and on-stage presences, Sparks said, “The best way that I’ve always found, and it’s what I’ve done in Hollywood or whether it’s working with the publishers that I’ve worked with for a long time is to work with people that you really trust who understand what it’s about and they want to take that and mold it into something new.”

“Obviously,” he continued, “‘The Notebook’ is going to be some sort of musical and a lot of fun to be involved in that process, too,” stated Sparks.

Will Nicholas Sparks be able to recreate the same tear-jerking story on a Broadway stage? Only time will tell. As of right now the production is still under development with no leads as to who will be playing the roles of Noah and Allie.

Surely a number of fans will hope that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams can rise to the occasion once again. K

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