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Kanye West is just coming off the European leg of his tour, but there is no rest for the 18-time Grammy winning superstar. West will be leaving the European crowds for those who enjoy something a bit more Jersey shore. Revel Resort, in Atlantic City, NJ, announced that Kanye would be performing at the resort. The exclusive concert will be Kanye’s first solo appearance stateside since 2011.

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Kanye’s performance, in the Ovation Hall at Revel Resort is an intimate affair. The theatre houses just 5,500 seats. That means even the worst seat in the house will offer killer audio and great views of the performance. The theatre is a new attraction for Revel and they sure have not wasted time creating a musical frenzy. Beyonce played the theatre to a sold out crowd over Memorial Day weekend to kick the summer off right for Revel and Atlantic City.

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This will be Kanye West’s first appearance, ever, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. You know, for a first time appearance West could not have agreed to a better venue. Sure, there are casinos with much bigger theaters, but this small, intimate concert set is going to make 11,000 fans pretty darn happy.

Revel waited a good, long time to reveal that West would be gracing the Ovation Hall stage. The shows, which are slated for July 6th and July 7th were not announced until June 18th and tickets went on sale June 22nd. For those who were wondering, yup, those tickets are sold out (but Dynamic Tickets has you covered)! The 11,000 available tickets sold out within minutes. You have to wonder if Revel is trying to drum up some serious press by sitting on news like this.

Revel, for all those not in the know, is a premier casino that offers something a bit more unique than the rest of the casinos along the AC strip. The resort is an expansive 130,000 square feet and has several restaurants and stores on premise. In fact, the weekend that Kanye is playing the hall the resort is opening up a new nightclub for a preview weekend. HQ, Revels nightclub, is sure to impress with its state of the art and high tech accouterments.

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