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Katy Perry on her California Dreams World Tour!

Baby she’s a “Firework”, a “Teenage Dream”, and a “California Gurl” all wrapped into one top 40 pop star! If you can’t guess who we are writing about well then you haven’t turned on z100 or MTV for the past year or so. Katy Perry has been taking over radio airwaves, commercials, and TV shows like How I met Your Mother, and Glee. Now, after all of that, Katy Perry is ready to take on the world!

Katy Perry kicked off her California Dreams 2011 Tour February 20th, 2011 which started off in Europe and ends in the USA. Currently she is playing two shows in London tonight and tomorrow, and then off to Manchester for more California Dreams! What to expect at the show? Well, even before starting the tour Katy had said the shows would have a Candy Land theme, so we expect a lot of Katy Perry’s trademark food fashion with candy costumes, candy prints, candy decoration and candy-sweet colors! If you have ever seen Katy Perry at award show performances, then picture that but multiply it by numerous costume changes in the time it takes to do a 15 song set list! It will definitely be a concert to remember forever.

Do not worry US fans; Katy Perry will be taking the USA by storm Thursday, June 9th in Orlando Florida! Did you buy your tickets yet? If you haven’t then get to it! Dynamic tickets has access to a wide variety of tickets to every Katy Perry show.  No matter what your budget is, you will find the right seats here!

Let Dynamic tickets help you start your summer off with an awesome concert! Take your friends and family to see Katy Perry’s California Dreams 2011 Tour.

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