Madonna, STILL the Queen of Pop!

Posted: 29th June 2012 by Dynamic Tickets Admin in Dynamic Tickets, Upcoming Hot Sellers
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The top selling female artist of all time, Madonna, is back on the rise with her new MDNA tour of 2012. MDMA is drawing the insane crowds, sold-out venues, and the regular controversy that her career has been founded on since the beginning, of course. From nip slips, to thongs, Madonna, the Queen of Pop, is putting on unforgettable shows that no fan can afford to miss.

There is no doubt that Madonna keeps tabloid writers busy. At her recent concert in Istanbul, she flashed her right breast and nipple during the performance of “Human Nature”. The crowds went crazy and the tabloids followed with outrageous opinions. With older mothers and women commenting on whether or not it was “age appropriate”, Madonna made no comment regarding the performance. At 53, Madonna still flaunts it in a variety of wardrobe changes throughout the song sets. Tabloids and talkers won’t be holding her back from empowering other women, regardless of age. Her MDMA tour is still on track to be one of the largest grossing tours of her career.

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It’s not just the nip slips, either. Madonna mooned fans at a recent date of the MDMA tour as well. Not afraid to show her black thong to the audience, she had zero reservations and continues to push the envelope regardless of her age. Critics continue to comment on whether or not she is a good mom for such behavior, while fans appreciate her femininity and edgy attitude. Who wouldn’t want to purchase concert tickets to see the MDMA tour?

With a plethora of rumors continually spread about Madonna, it’s hard to decipher what is real from fake. Does she really have 30 bodyguards and 20 vegan chefs? We may never know. It was confirmed via MTV that she does have a sterilization crew with her on the MDMA tour. For safety and privacy reasons, it has been reported that a sterilization crew attempts to eliminate all traces of Madonna’s DNA by scrubbing down her dressing room before anyone is allowed in. All traces of hair, or any sort of DNA, are removed before anyone may be allowed to enter. They follow her from venue to venue, ensuring nothing is left behind.

With outrageous nip slips, sterilization teams, and the projected ranking of the MDMA tour, Madonna’s tours are going to be show-stoppers for audiences around the world. Madonna is still pushing the boundaries inviting people into her world to experience empowerment, art, and music all on stage. It is no secret to die-hard fans that her shows are epic and worth the ticket price. It can be hard buying tickets to Madonna shows as they typically sell out in record time.

With the stories and press circulating around the 2012 tour, Madonna is sure not to let fans and critics down. She will continue to keep the tabloids busy with the outrageous behavior on stage and off stage, no matter what city she travels in. Buy tickets to Madonna‘s upcoming concerts as to not miss one of the most exciting concert series to come to your city.