share save 171 16 NBA Pushes “Big Things” as Season Kicks off on Christmas Day at MSG

The NBA season officially starts this coming Sunday with the Boston Celtics playing the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. The NBA lockout of 2011 was ended after a new collective bargaining agreement was finalized between the players and the owners.

No other opening day in the NBA’s history compares to this one. The rivalry between New York and Boston also adds juice to the basketball excitement. Basketball fans across the country could not have asked for a better present.

celtics knicks 300x300 NBA Pushes “Big Things” as Season Kicks off on Christmas Day at MSG

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Though most of the buzz in the basketball world is around Chicago and Miami, the Celtics and the Knicks are major Eastern Conference contenders.

With Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler leading the team, it will only take time before the trio develops a rhythm and starts packing the heat. The devotion of New York fans to their basketball team, through thick and thin, is also unmatched.

The Celtics have to stand up to criticism about the team’s aging frontline. That along with the Celtic’s flopped attempt to trade Rajon Rondo for Chris Paul has caused some tension. But despite all of this the team is still a top five favorite.

This NBA season is packing 66 games in four months which means that every team should expect to play at least one back-to-back game (especially since some teams need to work around already-scheduled events at sports arenas).

Both the Celtics and the Knicks were victorious in their preseason games. Celtics beat the Raptors 81-73 while the Knicks beat the Nets 88-82.

NBA 2011 2012 Season 300x280 NBA Pushes “Big Things” as Season Kicks off on Christmas Day at MSGTickets are still on sale for the Christmas Day MSG opening game.  And across the country, four more opening day matchups will be going down.

  • The Dallas Mavericks meet again with the Miami Heat for a rematch in Dallas.
  • The Chicago Bulls face off against the LA Lakers at the United Center in Chicago.
  • The Orlando Magic charge Oklahoma City to play the OKC Thunders who have the best offensive player in the league, Kevin Durant.
  •  In California, the Clippers are trying to shine with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin against the Golden State Warriors.

While the veterans in the East Coast compete, the West Coast is featuring some of the fresh and young faces in the NBA today.

Now that basketball is back, regardless of how much training camp and how rusty some of these players are, fans are expecting “big things.”