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Reeve Carney as Spider Man in Spider Man Turn Off The Dark 1024x867 Reeve Carney Leaving Hit Broadway Musical Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark Sept. 15

Reeve Carney as Spider-Man in Spider-Man:Turn Off The Dark – Shop Now For Discounted Spider-Man Broadway Tickets

New York’s #1 most thrilling hit Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” is losing its longtime star Reeve Carney. Carney has played both Peter Parker and Spider-Man since November 2010. His final performance is to be on Sept. 15.

Tickets for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark are currently available for as low as $54 USD per seat. Broadway shows sell out quickly!

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PREFER TO CALL? Toll Free: 1-800-583-TIXX (8499) NYC Local: 1-212-500-1067 Hablamos Espanol. Recommended Seats: Orchestra, Flying Circle

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Super Bowl XLVII will be quite ground-breaking this year. For the first time ever, two brothers will face off on the biggest stage in the NFL: the Super Dome in New Orleans. John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens will take on his younger brother Jim’s San Francisco 49ers of the NFC. Not only do the Harbaughs have a lot of history together, but recent news has indicated that this may be the biggest Super Bowl yet!

superbowl47 300x300 The Harbowl: Superbowl Events and Parties
An old video from the NFL shows that Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, has announced his retirement this year. When he was a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Harbaugh announced that it was the first year the Colts had played the Ravens since leaving Baltimore. Shortly after, a letter penned by then-4th-grader Colin Kaepernick surfaced. He was a substitute quarterback for the 49ers who will lead them in this year’s big game. The letter to his future self explained how he wanted to grow up to play in the Super Bowl for the 49ers.

Clearly this is a game of destiny, and even people who aren’t regularly football fans can appreciate the magnitude of this year’s Super Bowl. Naturally, there are hundreds of pre-parties, even if you’re not a huge fan of either team. Luckily, you can still score last-minute tickets to the parties listed below:

You can find excellent deals on tickets to these parties and more at Dynamic Tickets. Why wait for Mardi Gras to hit up New Orleans, when the biggest parties of the year are happening the first weekend in February?

Must-See Concerts of 2013

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 2013 is chock-full of tours from hit artists from rock to techno and everything in between. Be sure to grab your discount tickets from Dynamic Tickets now!

justin bieber 2013 300x300 Must See Concerts of 2013

1. One Direction
One Direction is living proof that boy bands can still steal our hearts. These British boys will be embarking on their 2013 World Tour beginning in February of 2013, promoting their new hit album “Little Things.”

2. Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour
It doesn’t get much bigger than Bieber. Justin Bieber’s Believe tour features top hits like “Boyfriend, “Never Say Never” and “Die in Your Arms,” as well as a line-up of tunes from his album “Believe.” The USA leg of the tour features an opening act by Carly Rae Jepsen, whose single “Call Me Maybe” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

3. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball Tour
Lady Gaga is not only the princess of pop but also the queen of showmanship. Her stage shows are visual wonderlands of extravagance. Her Born This Way Ball Tour is a celebration of life from beginning to end, touted by Lady Gaga as being a sort of pop-rock opera with a distinct beginning, middle and end.

4. DJ Tiesto
Electronica fans will be hard pressed to find deeper beats than DJ Tiesto’s 2013 tour. Tiesto will be performing his club hits across the US all year long.

5. Tony Benett
It’s hard not to love the classy, smooth sound of a crooner. Tony Benett hasn’t lost his touch. Hear songs from his new Grammy-award winning album “Duets II” and old favorites as the tours the US in 2013.

miranda lambert concert 300x300 Must See Concerts of 2013

6. Miranda Lambert: Locked and Reloaded
Catch Miranda Lambert side-by-side with Dierks Bentley on their Locked and Reloaded tour. Lambert was Bentley’s opening act for his 2007 tour, but this time around they’re co-headlining to bring fans a blend of the best of both worlds. Locked and Reloaded kicks of January 17th in Columbia, South Carolina.

7. Gaelic Storm
If you don’t think you have heard Gaelic Storm before, think again. Gaelic Storm performed foot-stomping beats and wild fiddle throw-down of “A Party in Third Class” for the movie Titanic. Their blends of traditional Celtic fair and Celtic rock are a blast. Gaelic Storm will be touring across the US throughout 2013. Don’t miss their St. Patrick’s Day concert at Riverside Center in Milwaukee, WI; it’s sure to be a treat.

8. Tenacious D
Get a mix of hard rock and hard laughs with Tenacious D’s 2013 tour. The duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass unleash over-the-top rock comedy in performances that are far more than just concerts. Get a little bit of everything, from acting to heavy metal, when you catch one of their concerts in 2013.

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spider man turn off the dark 2013 holiday 300x225 Spider Man on Broadway Tickets

Spider Man is one of the superheroes that everyone loves. He inspires young children, and movie lovers have happily paid to see the trilogy in the mid-2000s as well as the reboot starring Andrew Garfield. Spider Man fans can also enjoy the spider-bitten superhero on Broadway, which has been running strong for two years straight. Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark tells the story of Peter Parker as he learns to deal with his new powers in a responsible way and helps to make the streets of New York City a safer place.
The plot generally follows the 2002 story of young Peter Parker as he becomes Spider-Man and has the battle Green Goblin. Reeve Carney stars as Parker, and he’s joined on stage by Rebecca Faulkenberry who stars as his love interest, Mary Jane Watson. Fans of the comic book will enjoy the familiar story on stage, which has been co-written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who has also written for the Spider-Man comics. This newest addition to the Spider Man Empire includes some of the most advanced technical achievements on stage. Spider-Man flies right over the viewers as he battles villains, and the Manhattan skyline will take your breath away.

The music to the play is done by U2 members Bone and The Edge, so music lovers will also have something to enjoy when seeing Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark. It accompanies choreographed fight scenes and elaborate costumes that lend the feel of fantasy, which is one reason that so many people love the story, to the tale of Peter, his family and his growth as Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark currently plays in the Foxwoods Theatre, and the play has It also has some exciting changes in the works. December 8th will mark the addition of Jake Epstein, an actor who has also been involved with Degrassi, to the show as an alternate for Peter Parker. This December, holiday ticket packages will include a pre-show dinner at the The Lambs Club, a meet-and-greet with the stars of the show and a VIP photography experience. When you purchase tickets to this fantastic show, you’ll be among one million other people who have seen the amazing Spider-Man on Broadway.

While Spidey is great for teens and adults, you might want to call a sitter for the children as the fight scenes suggest violence. Some viewers have also reviewed Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, explaining that Robert Cuccioli as Green Goblin and his alter-ego Norman Osborn is a terrifying foe. Of course, this is great if you enjoy edge-of-your-seat plots, and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark will certainly get and keep you there with its amazing acrobatics.

Tickets for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark are currently available from DynamicTickets for as low as $54 per seat. The show performs multiple times per week, so you’re sure to find the perfect time for you to attend.

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2013 is packed with amazing hit shows any theatre aficionado will be dying to see. If you’ve got a theatre lover on your holiday gift list, Dynamic Tickets has everything you need. Grant a wish this holiday season and give tickets to the perfect show.

spider man turn off the dark 2013 holiday 300x225 Holiday Gift Guide for the Theatre Lover in your Life1. Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark
Marvel’s most beloved super hero swings from out of the comic books and onto the stage in this thrilling rock musical. Peter Parker’s average life is turned on its head when he’s bitten by a radioactive spider. Now, Peter must balance his mundane life with his new day job saving the world and the love of his life from the devices of the menacing Green Goblin. With a score by U2′s Bono and The Edge, “Spider-Man” is action-packed eye candy full of incredible acrobatics and visual effects that will wow the young and young-at-heart.

2. Evita
Any veteran theatre-goer will loathe missing the long-awaited Broadway revival of “Evita.” The story of Argentinean First Lady Eva Peron has been elevated to whole new heights of glory, romance and elegance. The smash-hit score by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber is brought to life by Elena Roger, Ricky Martin and Michael Cerveris in a revival the critics are still exclaiming about.

phantom of the opera 2013 broadway 300x300 Holiday Gift Guide for the Theatre Lover in your Life3. Phantom of the Opera
The longest-running show in Broadway history is perfect for anyone just getting into theatre. It follows the story of Christine, an up-and-coming soprano, as she becomes obsessed with a disfigured specter entranced by her voice. A powerful score by Tony Award-winning composer Andrew Lloyd Webber brings this dark and dramatic romance to life.

4. Once
Winner of 8 Tony Awards, “Once” is a gentle but powerful modern piece that gives the audience a close-knit, intimate feel with its characters. It follows the tale of Guy, vacuum cleaner repairman by day and struggling guitar player by night, and Girl, a Czech immigrant who hears Guy play and refuses to let him give up his music. Together with a ragtag group of musicians, they pull together record an album while a complicated romance blooms between Guy and Girl. “Once” is the perfect show for the pensive and those that find beauty in the connections between people.

5. Nice Work If You Can Get It
It’s hard to go wrong with a feel-good comedy put on by an all-star cast in amazing costumes. Set during Prohibition, “Nice Work If You Can Get It” features the talents of Matthew Broderick as Jimmy Winter, a wealthy playboy that gets tangled up with Billie, a bootlegger played by Kelli O’Hara, when Billie tries to use Jimmy’s mansion as a hide-out. When Jimmy, his fiancé and her prohibitionist family show up unexpectedly, Billie and her gang have to pose as servants. This American musical comedy is sure to please anyone with a good sense of humor.

Dynamic – One Direction Concert Mania

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One Direction is one of the newest boy bands to hit the market and move up the pop charts. The band consists of five members: Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. After competing on The X-Factor, Simon Cowell’s record label offered the group a recording contract, and the boys’ songs have been consistent hits. As you’d imagine, the English crooners have earned their fair share of sign-waving and shrieking fans, most of who happen to be teenage girls. However, they have enough fans of all ages and genders to have broken records with their first two albums.

Some parents might begrudgingly tap their feet alone to “What Makes You Beautiful” or “One Thing” while the song plays on the radio or streams from their daughters’ computers. In fact, more parents are forking out the money to take their teenagers to a One Direction — affectionately known as “1D” by fans — concert in person. After all, the crushes we develop as teenagers are some of the most potent of them all, and being able to be in the same vicinity at the objects our desires and perhaps even meet them is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

one direction 2012 one direction 32752102 1600 1207 Dynamic   One Direction Concert ManiaThe band continues to gain popularity, so you can bet there’s a lot of buzz around their tour. One Direction recently announced a world tour to celebrate their newest album, “Take Me Home,” which the group released on November 9th of this year. One Direction will play two shows in Connecticut on November 30th and December 1st before moving on to New York City for a single show on December 3rd. After that, One Direction will take a two-month hiatus, presumably to enjoy the holidays with loved ones and take some time to relax before touring around their home country of England in February of 2013.

Along with a world tour, the boys have released several songs to promote their new album. “Live While We’re Young” and “Little Things” have both had success on various charts across the world. As you’d expect, the boys do consistently well in their homeland. The group of five recently premiered a new song titled “Kiss You” on X-Factor U.K. and it has been steadily moving up the charts. At a recent concert for The Today Show, the pop performers drew the largest crowd the show had ever seen! It was obvious from the happy faces of fans as they sang along that they were already familiar with the lyrics before One Direction officially debuted the song.

Other signs point to just how unbelievably popular the quintet has become. Fans hold posters outside of appearances declaring their love for the boys, while girls across the nation have been skipping school to see One Direction play. Parents are surprisingly willing to enable these harmless, teenaged crushes, and it certainly seems that fans are as attractive to the members of the band as they are One Direction’s music.

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rollingstones prudential center 300x300 Rolling Stones Live: 50th Anniversary ConcertOne of the most famous rock bands to ever grace the concert stage, The Rolling Stones, is headed out for a fiftieth anniversary concert. It’s almost impossible to believe that the rockers are still so full of energy and creativity when so many other names were barely a blip on the radar during the Stones’ illustrious career, but they are. And it looks like the group is intent on keeping it up. After all, the name of the concert is “50 & Counting: The Rolling Stones Live”

The 50th anniversary event is actually a series of concerts that will happen on November 29th 2012 in London, on December 13th and 15th 2012 in New Jersey and November 14th 2012 in Brooklyn. The band has already kicked off the celebration at the London O2 center on November 25th. This gives fans on both sides of the pond the chance to see the veteran rockers in their glory.

Reviews of the first concert are already singing praise for The Rolling Stones, especially for a track when former guitarist Mick Taylor joins the group on stage to play the song “Midnight Rambler.” Other reviewers commented on how much the guys in the group appeared to be enjoying themselves while on stage, but it was Taylor’s guest appearance that really got the crowd going.

rollingstones 50 anniversary tour mick jagger 300x300 Rolling Stones Live: 50th Anniversary ConcertOf course, the group is led by Mick Jagger and his unforgettable lips. If anything is a testament to the success and notoriety of The Rolling Stones and the group’s front man, it’s the recent Maroon 5 song “Moves Like Jagger.” Fans who head out for the concert will be party to those famous moves as well as the band’s most famous hits. Songs such as “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Paint It, Black” are anthems of rock culture, and other bands often cover them, but it’s something else entirely to see The Rolling Stones perform their original hits on stage.

The 50th celebration concerts follow slurry of activity from The Rolling Stones. Jagger and company had been performing with legends like Elton john, filming music videos for new songs and even getting involved with creating a mobile app. The Stones have also been working on a compilation album to release to fans in celebration of five decades making music together. “GRRR!” will include some of the band’s more popular tracks as well as two new releases. “Doom and Gloom” is one of those songs, and it’s the one for which the group just released their video. The second new track will be titled “One More Shot.”

This is exciting news for music lovers who have been following the band since its inception, but new fans will finally have a chance to see The Rolling Stones live in concert, too. There’s a long list of hits from which the band can choose to play. There’s no doubt that the album and the concerts will renew the world’s longstanding love for The Rolling Stones, at least for a little while.

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Mumford & Sons have captured hearts and set toes a-tapping with their unique folk rock. This band sounds like something from the 1960s, but it’s a modern group that is definitely active. In fact, Mumford & Sons has just announced a U.S. tour that will begin in February 2013.

It hasn’t been all that long since Mumford & Sons was last on tour in the United States. The group played at a few somewhat-small venues for its 2012 summer tour. In the meantime, the English group headed to Australia to play a few venues in October, with plans to return to the U.K for several winter shows at part of the full-length Tour of Two Halves. This tour marks the release of the band’s newest album: “Babel.” The newest release gives Mumford & Sons twelve new songs to play for fans at the upcoming American shows. An increase in popularity also means that Mumford & Sons will be playing at larger venues come 2013.

The American tour originally included just four East Coast stops. Mumford & Sons has added three repeat shows to the lineup to appease fans, however:

  • TD Garden in Boston on February 5
  • Barclays Center in Brooklyn on February 6
  • Barclays Center in Brooklyn on February 12
  • Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA on February 13
  • Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA on February 14
  • Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ on February 16
  • Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ on February 17

mumfordandsons 2013 tour Mumford and Sons US Tour 2013

Although the American leg of the tour is short, the group will head back to Europe for another full-length tour, starting with astop in Warsaw in February. It’s obvious that Mumford & Sons has been a busy group. The young musicians have been working nonstop since their summer tour and will only take a short break during January and part of December.

The commitment has certainly paid off for the group. Mumford & Sons has only been an active band since 2007, and the band has already earned two Grammy nominations — Best New Artist and Best Rock song — for the debut album, “Sigh No More.” The group also has under their wing the ARIA Music Award for Most Popular International Artist, and this has all happened before Mumford & Sons released their sophomore album this year.

American fans can see these rising stars once they purchase tickets for the February shows. Sites like Ticketmaster and will begin selling the tickets on the morning of November 9th. Some of the group’s European shows are already sold out, a testament to the success and popularity of Mumford & Sons. It’s an impressive feat when you consider that the front man, Marcus Mumford is only 25 years old this year. You can expect that the limited Americans shows will soon sell out, so get your tickets while they’re available because you don’t want to miss out on this concert experience.

Dynamic Tickets: Top Ten On-Stage Celebrity Meltdowns

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10. Madonna – July 5, 2012madonna like a virgen mtv awards1 300x276 Dynamic Tickets: Top Ten On Stage Celebrity Meltdowns

  • The Material Girl performed her classic “like a virgin” in a bra and pants with “No Fear” scrawled across her back. She eventually broke down in tears, and a backup dancer picked her up. Check out Madge’s next show with tickets from

9. Michael Richards (Seinfeld) – November 17, 2006

  • We know him as Jerry Seinfeld’s quirky neighbor Kramer. He’s still doing comedy, and apparently, he doesn’t like hecklers. Richards responded to hecklers at a Laugh Factory show with a barrage of racial slurs and curse words. While Richards has since apologized for the incident, no one has really let him live it down.

8. Justin Bieber – September 29, 2012

  • The Biebs is a pro, and knows the show must go on. When the pop star got sick onstage, he spun around, vomited, asked his fans if they’d still love him when he has the flu, and continued with his show. You can get tickets for Justin’s next show at Hopefully he’ll be feeling okay!

7. Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) – January 20, 1982

  • It might seem strange to call biting the head off an actual bat during a show a meltdown, but try telling that to the bat. A fan threw a dead bat onto the stage during one of Ozzy’s shows, and thinking it was a toy, he picked it up and chewed off its head. Turns out that the bat was real.

6. Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) – November 7, 2008

  • Corgan allowed publicly decry a poor earlier performance, and instead of taking the criticism gracefully, he mocked his fans in a cruel manner with a sarcastic retort.

5. Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) – September 22, 2012billy joe iheart radio freakout 300x300 Dynamic Tickets: Top Ten On Stage Celebrity Meltdowns

  • Armstrong recently entered rehab for drug abuse after a profanity-laced tantrum onstage at the iHeart Radio music festival. The singer was reportedly upset that his set was being cut short in favor of rapper Usher. He smashed his guitar, flashed his middle finger to fans, and then walked offstage.

4. Scott Stapp (Creed) – December 29, 2002

  • The Creed singer has been in the news more than once, and not in the most flattering ways. In 2002, he performed so abysmally at a show that fans demanded a refund.

3. Ashlee Simpson – October 23, 2004

ashlee simpson lipsync snl 300x300 Dynamic Tickets: Top Ten On Stage Celebrity Meltdowns

  • Performing on Saturday Night Live is an honor, and maybe Ashlee was just nervous. But when the track she was lip-syncing to skipped, she danced for 30 seconds and ran offstage.

2. Milli Vanilli – July 21, 1989

  • Milli Vanilli is well-known for its lip-syncing scandal in the ’80s. When the duo was performing in 1989, the track skipped, blowing their cover and creating the hardest fall from grace in recent musical history.

1. Keith Moon (The Who) – November 20, 1973

  • In what may be the greatest moment of a no-name drummer’s life, The Who drummer passed out while performing on stage, and couldn’t continue the show. Pete Townsend asked the audience if there were any drummers, and Scott Halpin volunteered, who ended up finishing out the show and played three songs by The Who.

share save 171 16 Broadway’s Top Ten Musicals

Powerful musicals have a special ability to resonate with us personally. They make us laugh; cry and sometimes they make us question how two hour show can fly by in such a blink of an eye. Broadway is known for its musicals, they have been entertaining us for decades.

There are a few shows that have stood out over the years, and bring in audiences from around the world to hum the show’s tunes for days in an effort to hold onto the performance’s splendors. Here are some of the most well known Broadway nyc  1024x680 Broadway’s Top Ten Musicals

Top 10 Musicals to Grace the Broadway Stage

top 10 musicals broadway 300x300 Broadway’s Top Ten Musicals

  • Show Boat: Whether you love this show or not, it must be respected as the one that started them all—changing the musical from a comedy or opera like experience to one of seriousness and storytelling. First launching in 1927, the show has been recreated numerous times and continues to win rewards and respect.
  • Rent: An empowering story focused on issues that are difficult to discuss in many contexts, Rent is one of the highest praised musicals on Broadway. The rock musical debuted on Broadway in 1996, but transitioned to a touring production in 2008.
  • Les Miserables: Respected for both its beauty and heart wrenching story, this is a long time favorite of many Broadway show goers. The musical made its debut in London, but was brought to Broadway in 1986.
  • Lion King: The musical based on the Disney movie is a favorite by so many thanks to its vibrant costume designs. In April of 2012 Lion King earned the title of the highest grossing Broadway play of all time.
  • Chicago: Taking place during the prohibition era, Chicago first made its Broadway debut in 1975 before making a comeback in 1996. Chicago is considered the longest running musical revival on Broadway.
  • West Side Story: This is considered one of the top musicals that has made Broadway what it is today. Based loosely on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this musical first appeared on Broadway in 1957 and has made numerous revivals as well as national and international tours.
  • Mamma Mia: Originally premiering in London, this ABBA based musical first took to Broadway in 2001.
  • Phantom of the Opera: This book turned musical originally took the stage in 1976. The book itself was never praised much, but the musical revived the story.
  • Wicked: A newer play, Wicked debuted on Broadway in 2003 and became an almost instant favorite. It has won a great deal of rather prestigious awards, including three Tony Awards.
  • Oklahoma: The original version of this Broadway musical opened in 1943. Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II actually won a Pulitzer Prize for the production of this play.