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Super Bowl XLVII will be quite ground-breaking this year. For the first time ever, two brothers will face off on the biggest stage in the NFL: the Super Dome in New Orleans. John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens will take on his younger brother Jim’s San Francisco 49ers of the NFC. Not only do the Harbaughs have a lot of history together, but recent news has indicated that this may be the biggest Super Bowl yet!

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An old video from the NFL shows that Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, has announced his retirement this year. When he was a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Harbaugh announced that it was the first year the Colts had played the Ravens since leaving Baltimore. Shortly after, a letter penned by then-4th-grader Colin Kaepernick surfaced. He was a substitute quarterback for the 49ers who will lead them in this year’s big game. The letter to his future self explained how he wanted to grow up to play in the Super Bowl for the 49ers.

Clearly this is a game of destiny, and even people who aren’t regularly football fans can appreciate the magnitude of this year’s Super Bowl. Naturally, there are hundreds of pre-parties, even if you’re not a huge fan of either team. Luckily, you can still score last-minute tickets to the parties listed below:

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