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Posted: 26th June 2014 by Alessandra in Dynamic Tickets, NYC Concerts, Upcoming Hot Sellers
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So on Friday I went to another concert *WOW SHOCKER* but don’t worry I promise you this one differentiates from the rest. I went to The Studio at  Dresses and ConcertsWebster Hall to what is probably the most intimate concert I have ever gone to, I mean there must have been 30 or 40 people tops! I went to see Dresses who are not that well known so I shouldn’t have been shocked but still they’re such an amazing band it baffles me. I went with two of my closest friends and of course we were the youngest people there, as always, granting us a few stares. I went mainly to see Dresses, which is this happy, upbeat lover duo which are featured in my summer playlist which you can find here, ah good old shameless self promotion.

 Dresses and ConcertsIt turns out that there were three opening bands, which was honestly pretty cool. I genuinely feel terrible for not remembering the first act’s name but they were alright, they had a catchy bass line but nothing that really caught my attention.

Next was Hey Anna and their energy on stage was great, they seemed like they were having a really good time. They were fun and upbeat and I might check out more of their stuff.              After came Boxed Wine, which were my favorite opening act. I really fell in love with their stuff so go check them out on Spotify, these guys are gonna be huge one day I know it. If you want to check out one song I suggest “Cannibal” it’s still stuck in my head, so catchy! My favorite part about seeing Boxed Wine live was that what is probably their biggest fan was in the crowd and kept on jumping on stage to sing with the band, it was hilarious. He knew every single line, of every single song, seriously I’m not even exaggerating. These guys have catchy beats and lyrics so I definitely danced along to their songs the most, I wish i would’ve known them beforehand so I could’ve sung along. I definitely would not have the guts to get on stage like that guy did though!

 Dresses and ConcertsJared Ryan Maldonado & Timothy Heller, the lovely couple that make up Dresses have such talent, their voices are truly out of this world. And for all of you wondering no, they were disappointingly not wearing dresses, they were surely dressed up though! *bud um tss* If you thought I wasn’t going to include a pun in this article then you surely do not know me, I mean how could i resist? Dresses were so amazing it pained me that so many people were talking while they were preforming. They’re the headlining act for crying out loud, it was downright rude. The lead singer Timmy was really bothered by it but I think my friends and I along with a couple other people from the crowd made up for the rude adults by belting out lyrics to all of their songs. Aside from preforming most of the songs from their debut album “Sun Shy”  they  covered “Houdini” by Foster The People and “Thinkin Bout You” by Frank Ocean and both renditions were beautifully done. Their chemistry on stage was beautiful as well, what a lovely couple and their love for each other really translates to how they preform together on stage. I had the pleasure of meeting them after the show and chatting with them. They’re such nice and genuine people, I love the band even more now!

All in all it was a great concert and it helped me escape the stress of final exams for a little while. If you ever feel stressed I completely recommend going to a concert to relieve some of that stress, it really helps. Even if you’re not stressed go check out some concerts near you and have some fun using www.dynamictickets.net. Until next week!