Posted: 16th September 2014 by Alessandra in Upcoming Hot Sellers
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It seemed like just any other day, I was casually walking to school listening to music on my phone. I put my music on shuffle and about two or three songs in I hear an unfamiliar song and I was like “What the…”.I brushed it off being that I have upwards of 1,000 songs on my phone so it may have been possible that I simply forgot I downloaded it. It wasn’t a completely terrible song either so I just skipped it and went on with my day.

Turns out that unknown song that came up on shuffle was one of the songs from U2’s latest album Songs Of Innocence. Apple gifted every single iTunes user their very own copy of U2’s latest album. Thanks Apple? To be completely honest I had never even heard of U2 until I went on twitter and read about apple’s very controversial gift. My whole timeline was filled with people outraged by Apple automatically uploading an album without anyone’s consent (of course there was the usual “UGH I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL” tweets but 99% mentioned either Apple or U2.). There were those who were grateful for the unforeseen gift, others who were absolutely outraged, and the ones who had no idea nor interest what was going on AKA me.

I decided to be Team Switzerland on this one, I don’t really care much for the album but I’m not mad at apple for downloading it onto my phone. I tried to see the good in it. Apple is rumored to have spent over $100 million on this deal so hey the least we could do is pretend we like it. It’s kind of when your distant aunt and uncle show up for Christmas with a hideous sweater and you have to stand there smiling pretending you absolutely loved it. It’s the thought that counts right?

Apparently not everyone is like me (yay for individuality!) because the whole thing became so scandalous that Apple had to create an entire support site with detailed instructions on how to remove the album from your phone. Just imagine buying someone a one hundred million dollar gift only for them to hate it and have to tell them how they can get rid of it! We all sound like a bunch of spoiled kids, complaining how much we wish (legal) music was free and when we finally get it, there’s screaming and crying because it isn’t the one you wanted. #FirstWorldProblems