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Investigative reporter and celebrity journalist, Ian Halperin, is set to release a tell-all book about Lady Gaga. He has been interviewing and following Lady Gaga through the past year. Halperin in an interview with Star Magazine reveals that his book discusses Lady Gaga’s battle with Lupus, drug addiction and eating disorder.

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The report from Star Magazine quotes Halperin, Lady Gaga is “sick and obsessed with her weight.” Halperin claims that a friend divulged that Lady Gaga will stare at herself in front of a mirror for hours. The book will also go into detail about Lady Gaga’s drug habits, disclosing that Lady Gaga has tried every drug, from cocaine to heroin. According to Halperin, Gaga is on the road to death.

In 2010, Lady Gaga told Larry King during an interview that Lupus is not only genetic in her family but that she tested “borderline positive” for it. Though she tried to make it sound during the interview like the disease wasn’t a major impact on her life, Halperin claims that she dresses so elaborately and covers herself in makeup to hide the toll Lupus is taking on her physically.

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Lupus is an autoimmune disease meaning the immune system which normally protects people’s bodies, is instead attacking the body’s cells and tissue. Lady Gaga’s aunt actually died of the disease in 1976.

“She’s morphed into this caricature called Lady Gaga, who isn’t even a real person. The girl known as Stefi to her friends and family has all but disappeared,” Halperin stated.


In an interview with Howard Stern early this morning, Gaga pokes fun at the rumors regarding her having a penis. “It’s hard to find a boyfriend who doesn’t mind a good tuck,” she said after Stern inquired about her love life. She also admitted to her past cocaine abuse stating, “To any little sweethearts that are listening … don’t touch [cocaine], it’s the devil.”lady gaga howard stern 400x326 custom Is Lady Gaga Dying?Lady Gaga may be upfront about some things but she is still a complete mystery to most. Ian Halperin is most known for his documentary on Michael Jackson’s death, right now everything he is saying is still allegations. Do you think that Lady Gaga is out of control and slowly killing herself?

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