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Watch the 2012 NFL Draft!

If you’re any type of sports fan or even if you just like being part of the camaraderie, this is surely an exciting time! Let’s see here: first round of the NHL playoffs, beginning of baseball season and even soccer fans are glued to the TV while the Champions League final gets closer. What else do sports fans have to look forward to?

Today marks the start to the NFL’s “regular season appetizer,” as one writer appropriately names it. The 2012 NFL Draft Pick will run from today, April 26 (round 1) until Saturday, April 28 and can be watched live on the NFL network.

As you can imagine, rumors via social media and more traditional media outlets have already leaked, giving way to possible trades and picks. Because the draft works in reverse order based on a team’s previous season record, order of picks can really hurt or help a team.

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Going back in time…

The first NFL Draft started in 1936 after various incidents with (what we now call “free agents”) surfaced. Another precursor to the NFL Draft was the lack of competitiveness between teams. Prior to the draft, some teams experienced lower ticket sales because their regular season was not as entertaining as some of the other NFL teams. The draft helps to even out the competition, giving teams with lower season rankings, some of the first picks in the draft.

What rumors are you hoping are true…or NOT true?

Watch the NFL Draft live and check out the Draft Tracker so you can see the picks and trades in real time!

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