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rollingstones prudential center 300x300 Rolling Stones Live: 50th Anniversary ConcertOne of the most famous rock bands to ever grace the concert stage, The Rolling Stones, is headed out for a fiftieth anniversary concert. It’s almost impossible to believe that the rockers are still so full of energy and creativity when so many other names were barely a blip on the radar during the Stones’ illustrious career, but they are. And it looks like the group is intent on keeping it up. After all, the name of the concert is “50 & Counting: The Rolling Stones Live”

The 50th anniversary event is actually a series of concerts that will happen on November 29th 2012 in London, on December 13th and 15th 2012 in New Jersey and November 14th 2012 in Brooklyn. The band has already kicked off the celebration at the London O2 center on November 25th. This gives fans on both sides of the pond the chance to see the veteran rockers in their glory.

Reviews of the first concert are already singing praise for The Rolling Stones, especially for a track when former guitarist Mick Taylor joins the group on stage to play the song “Midnight Rambler.” Other reviewers commented on how much the guys in the group appeared to be enjoying themselves while on stage, but it was Taylor’s guest appearance that really got the crowd going.

rollingstones 50 anniversary tour mick jagger 300x300 Rolling Stones Live: 50th Anniversary ConcertOf course, the group is led by Mick Jagger and his unforgettable lips. If anything is a testament to the success and notoriety of The Rolling Stones and the group’s front man, it’s the recent Maroon 5 song “Moves Like Jagger.” Fans who head out for the concert will be party to those famous moves as well as the band’s most famous hits. Songs such as “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Paint It, Black” are anthems of rock culture, and other bands often cover them, but it’s something else entirely to see The Rolling Stones perform their original hits on stage.

The 50th celebration concerts follow slurry of activity from The Rolling Stones. Jagger and company had been performing with legends like Elton john, filming music videos for new songs and even getting involved with creating a mobile app. The Stones have also been working on a compilation album to release to fans in celebration of five decades making music together. “GRRR!” will include some of the band’s more popular tracks as well as two new releases. “Doom and Gloom” is one of those songs, and it’s the one for which the group just released their video. The second new track will be titled “One More Shot.”

This is exciting news for music lovers who have been following the band since its inception, but new fans will finally have a chance to see The Rolling Stones live in concert, too. There’s a long list of hits from which the band can choose to play. There’s no doubt that the album and the concerts will renew the world’s longstanding love for The Rolling Stones, at least for a little while.