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If you caught any of the games kicking off the playoffs this weekend then you would understand exactly what I mean when I say “edge of your seat.” Regardless of which teams came out victorious for the opening round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs, all the teams played at their hardest. Both the offense and the defense were on point (pun intended!) with shots like Shane Battier’s for the Grizzlies win and Ray Allen for the Celtics.gasol 300x300 The Playoffs are Finally Here!! Is your team going to step up their game?

Not only did the Hornets’ 109-100 win over the  but the Grizzlies went on to beat the San Antonio Spurs in their home turf. Sunday actually marked a day in basketball history. For the first time ever, the two top seed teams in the Western conference lost the first game of the opening round. Obviously this is just the beginning, with games scheduled for every day this week. But if this is what fans should expect for the rest of the reason, everyone should definitely prepare for some great basketball and a memorable playoff season. Will the Hornets and the Grizzlies come out on top for Game 2? Or was it just luck?

For Eastern Conference fans, it was a definite upset with score so close. Too bad for the Knicks, shooting guard and Celtics veteran, Ray Allen, got the ball and shot the 3-pointer that ended the game. The Celtics came to win it at 87-85. But like I said before, all teams have been bringing high-intensity, high-energy basketball and although your team may not have won, at least you were entertained and wowed by sheer talent. Catch Game 2 of the Knicks versus the Celtics or Game 3. Enjoy that NY- Boston rivalry in person and find the best seats and prices with Dynamic Tickets.

It is most exciting right now because these teams are showing that rankings could become meaningless in the matter of seconds from that buzzer. Teams that should be outmatching their opponents are finding themselves on a level playing field. Make sure you follow the full schedule for the month of April and don’t miss any of the excitement.

NBA 2011 Game 1 Playoff Highlights