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Britney Spears is the latest celebrity to join the cast of a singing competition. Ms. Spears will be joining

xfactor logo Britney Spears on X Factor: Will you be Watching?Cheryl Cole have both been celebrity judges on The X-Factor–and rumors that other shows have previously pitched the singer run rampant. On a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Britney and Simon discussed the pitch process. He had at first called her and discussed the idea. Three short phone calls later and Britney Spears was part of the second season’s judging cast of The X-Factor. In addition to Cowell, Britney joins DSimon Cowell, formerly of American Idol fame, on a different show: X-Factor, where wannabe pop singers belt their hearts out and hope to win a recording contract with one of Sony’s subsidiaries. If the show sounds similar to Cowell’s previous prime-time home, that’s because it is.

This is just the show’s second season airing in the United States. Although, Simon Cowell developed the show for British audiences and judged it for six years before turning his charms back to American music lovers. It’s no surprise that Spears joined the cast. Judging panels tend to be star-studded–Nicole Scherzinger and Demi Lovato, known for her teenage pop, and L.A. Reid, record exec, songwriter and record producer.

Only a few shows have aired this season, and they both feature the auditions of the optimistic contestants. As any music lover can imagine, this has led to quite a few celebrity hopefuls crooning to hits by Britney Spears herself. One contestant in particular will never make it beyond the auditions. Don Philip, who has previously collaborated with Britney Spears, received resoundingly negative responses from all four judges.

spears philip Britney Spears on X Factor: Will you be Watching? While the second season of The X-Factor is still in its infancy, it should be interesting to see Britney Spears as a judge and mentor, especially when compared to Simon Cowell who is known for being especially harsh to contestants. Spears has already explained in interviews that she has a difficult saying “No” to people. Although, it’s unlikely that Don Philip would agree with that sentiment. However, Britney worries about the hopefuls that sometimes break down into tears after a rejection, especially because some of them are avid fans of her music career.

The X-Factor isn’t all about rejection, though. While the number of contestants does shrink over time, the judges also work closely with the remaining few as mentors. The mentors help choose songs, prepare for the stage and develop vocal styles to give the future pop stars a better chance at winning. In this way, the four judges of The X-Factor are also competing against one another. Whichever act wins the show, which has just a three-month run on air, also produces a winning judge.

Britney Spears has been in the business for over ten years as a performer, so she can certainly shed some light into the industry and what fans want. However, every judge on the team has experience in the business, and Simon Cowell is no stranger to competition shows. Only time will tell if Spears produces the winning judge and can walk away a winner herself.

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