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Antony and Cleopatra 2012, starring Kim Cattrall and Michael Pennington is a formidable play. William Shakespeare creates a love affair that cannot survive, with his pairing of two powerful individuals. He is man of incredible authority and inner strength. Cleopatra is woman of breathtaking beauty, complexity and feminine magnetism. Cattrall in this role is the embodiment of the queen, sensual and totally beguiling. Antony a man who orders armies and makes rulers bow before him is not one, who can easily be swayed by even the most enchanting of women.

Antony eventually becomes completely captivated by Cleopatra. This is a love affair and an alliance of two empires. Cattrall plays the part of the Egyptian Queen, with the sexual allure, which has intrigued her fans, from her Sex and the City days. She is the seductress who possesses his heart and very soul. He finds himself in a questionable position, where he must choose between his love for her and his duty to Rome. She is determined to keep his heart, even if she cannot fight his loyalty to Rome. She is the quintessential queen, willful, vain and arrogant. Her lovely face and husky voice make him almost melt in her arms. The director Janet Suzman felt that Cattrall was the perfect actress to play the role of this complex woman. This is a difficult, tragic role, which is a Shakespearian classic. Her character is the epitome of a woman who knows how to use her physical assets to obtain anything she desires. Cleopatra is one of Shakespeare’s best roles for an actress, because his character possesses immense feminine power and weakness. She takes on the spirit this woman, who is ultimately destroyed by her unquenchable passion and love.

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Kim Cattrall won the Golden Globe Award for her role as Samantha Jones, in Sex and the City. An actress, who is known for her superb comedic prowess, she is equally adept playing this tragic figure. Pennington is this role is a man torn by his allegiance to Caesar and his love for her. There can be no happy ending due to the grave consequences of their love affair. She captures the spirit of a queen, who does everything in her power to have her lover, no matter how great the danger to herself or her kingdom.

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