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The 2010 Radio City Christmas Spectacular marks their 78th year of entertaining their fans with the help of acclaimed Rockettes. Radio City Christmas Spectacular 237x300 It’s Time For The Radio City Christmas Spectacular   78 Years Of Broadway Entertainment The Broadway show was started in 1933 with the help of the Rockettes and hundreds of crew and cast members. The show also included a variety of live animals. Over the years, it has grown to include amazing special effects such as snow and fireworks displays.

The Christmas Spectacular is a show for people of all ages, from entertaining young children to the adults; it has become an iconic Broadway show over a million visitors flock to see every year during Christmas time.  A combination of humor, singing, and dancing as well as the favorites; “The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” and the “The Living Nativity” make the Christmas Spectacular a Broadway show that you’ll never forget.

The show is about ninety minutes long and runs from now until December 30th with multiple shows throughout each day. This year the Radio City Christmas Spectacular will be visiting 25 cities, but none can compare to the world-famous Radio City Music Hall in NYC. Let this Broadway show captivate your family and you and create that sense of Christmas spirit that the show was designed to do.

For those who have been to the Radio City Music Hall before, you probably have noticed how hard it’s been acquire tickets for a specific showing that you may have wanted to go that week. The 8-week Broadway show has been one of the most popular sell-outs since 1933. There’s only a few weeks left, so don’t wait too long to purchase your tickets. Give your family a memory that they will remember and attend the Christmas Spectacular Broadway Show.

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